lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

going to 2

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I). Use going to.
  1. It (rain) .
  2. They (eat)  stew.
  3. (wear)  blue shoes tonight.
  4. We (not / help)  you.
  5. Jack (not / walk)  home.
  6. (cook / you)  dinner?
  7. Sue (share / not)  her biscuits.
  8. (leave / they)  the house?
  9. (take part / she)  in the contest?
  10. (not / spend)  my holiday abroad this year.

fill the graps.

1-They .
2-Edward  coffee.
3-Kate and Tom  their car.
4-I  a book.
5-She   a letter.
--1-They .
--2-Edward  coffee.
--3-Kate and Tom  their car.
--4-I  a book.
--5-She  a letter.
1- they ?
2- Edward  coffee?
3- Kate and Tom  their car?
4- I  a book?
5- she   a letter?

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