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comparative and superlative 5

Look at the two houses and complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets.

House A
Built in 1890. Price £270,000. Size: 120 m2

House B
Built in 1980. Price £320,000. Size: 150 m2

1.      House A is  (cheap) than House B.
2.      House A is  (small) than House B.
3.      House A is  (old) than House B.
4.      House B is  (expensive) than House A.
5.      I think House A is  (good) than House B.
6.      House B is  (new) than House A.
7.      House B is  (big) than House A.
8.      In my opinion House B is  (bad) than House A.

complete this sentences

1. My sister is much (tall)  than me.
2. She is the (tall)  person in our family.
3. My mother is 45, and my father is two years (old)  than her.
4. English is (easy)  than German. 
5. China is the country with the (large)  population.
6. (Many)  people speak Chinese than any other language.
7. I think my English is getting (good) .
8. But I am afraid my pronunciation is getting (bad) .
9. Anne is the (intelligent)  person I know - and the (nice) .
10. You are (beautiful)  every day.

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