lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

past 3

(Complete the senteces with past simple)

-          My father _______ (go) to work by car yesterday.
-          This morning I _______ (have) a shower.
-          My sister________ (not clean) her room on Saturday.
-          The birds ________ (fly) over our heads.
-          Last week my family _______ (buy) a new table for the dinning room.
-          The other day, I ________ (lose) my math’s book.
-          I ______ (tell) my mother a lie.
-          We _______ (hear) a terrible sound outside last night.
-          ________ (you / see) football match Tuesday night?
-          Paul _______ (drink) a litre of coke for lunch yesterday.

(Turn the sentences into negative and interrogative sentences)

-          Paul went to the cinema yesterday
-          Mary went to school alone last week.
-          She was at home.
-          Paul eat too much salad yesterday night.
-          Mario washed his car yesterday.

(Answer the following questions in affirmative or negative using short anwers)

-          Did you go home early?
-          Was Ann at Paul’s house on Monday?
-          Did you travel together?

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