lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

going to 6

Escribe los verbos siguientes en future I (going to).
  1. Mr Potts (sell)  his house.
  2. Our neighbours (spend)  their next holidays in the Caribbean.
  3. (move)  to another town.
  4. My husband (build)  a tree house for the kids.
  5. His friends (learn)  English.
Escribe los verbos en future I (going to).
  1. (tell/not)  you the secret.
  2. She (ring/not)  me.
  3. We (invite/not)  him to our party.
  4. Greg (work/not)  abroad.
  5. Her parents (lend/not)  her any more money.
Redacta preguntas en future I (going to).
  1. (you/help/me) ?
  2. (she/study/in Glasgow) ?
  3. (they/paint/the room) ?
  4. (he/apply/for that job) ?
  5. (what/you/do)  about this?

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