lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

past simple 5

fill the graps

1-He  dinner yesterday.
2-Ted  fish yesterday. 
3-We  milk that day. 
4-You  home last night. 
5-They  football last week. 
(play) [help]

1-He  breakfast yesterday.
2-John  breakfast that morning.
3-We  lemonade last week.
4-You  in the school race.
5-They  with their toys.
1- he  pasta yesterday?
2- Peter  lunch?
3- we  coffee?
4- you  fast?
5- they  in the playground? 


--1-- Today I don't read--------------------Yesterday I  .

--2-- Today he works------------------------Yesterday he .

--3-- Today we talk---------------------------Yesterday we .

--4-- Today Tom sleep-----------------------Yesterday Tom .

--5-- Today I don't write.--------------------Yesterday I didn't .

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