viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

simple past exercices

fill the graps use simple past

1) I  (work) in a bank for ten years..

2) Where  (you/live) when you were young?
3) She  (not/study) French at university..
4) He  (travel) through the middle east last year..
5)  (they/visit) the Louvre in Paris?.
6) She  (not/watch) TV yesterday..
7) We  (buy) a new car last weekend..
8) Where  (you/teach) before you came here?.
9) He  (not/think) that he was right..
10) I  (cook) steak last night..
11)  (Lucy/read) 'War and Peace' at school?.
12) She  (not/write) to her grandmother..
13) We  (have) a computer when I was a child..
14) Where  (you/go) on holiday?
15) I  (love) ice cream when I was a child..
16) They  (not/meet) yesterday..
17)  (she/swim) in the sea in Greece?.
18) We  (not/play) tennis yesterday because it was raining..
19) He  (try) to lift the box but he couldn't...
20) What  (you/eat) for lunch?.

Complete the table in simple past.

Jane was tired.
Sean did not work.
Did I have a cat?
Mary did not sing.
Did she see us?

Put the sentences into simple past.

  1. We open the door. → 
  2. You write poems. → 
  3. Richard plays in the garden. → 
  4. Kerry does not speak English. → 
  5. Do you see the bird? → 

Write sentences in simple past.

  1. you / cards / play 
  2. I / a car / want 
  3. we / the game / lose 
  4. not / I / early / get up 
  5. not / Jeff and Linda / home / cycle 

Ask for the bold part of the sentence.

  1. Billy ate an apple
  2. The children played in the garden
  3. Laura came home at six o'clock
  4. The boy read a book. 
  5. The girl wrote five letters. 

  1. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past).

  1. Last year I (spend)  my holiday in Ireland.
    1. It (be)  great.
    2. (travel)  around by car with two friends and we (visit)  lots of interesting places.
    3. In the evenings we usually (go)  to a pub.
    4. One night we even (learn)  some Irish dances.
    5. We (be)  very lucky with the weather.
    6. It (not / rain)  a lot.
    7. But we (see)  some beautiful rainbows.
    8. Where (spend / you)  your last holiday?

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