martes, 7 de enero de 2014

present simple and present continuos

3.1 Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct the verbs that are wrong.
1. Water boils at 100 degrees celsius. RIGHT
2. The water boils. Can you turn it off?
3. Look! That man tries to open the door of your car. ---
4. Can you hear those people? What do they talk about? ---
5. The moon goes round the earth. ---
6. I must go now. It gets late. ---
7. I usually go to work by car. ---
8. 'Hurry up! It's time to leave.' 'OK, I come.' ---
9. I hear you've got a new job. How do you get on? ---

3.2 Put the verb in the correct form, present continuous or present simple.
1. Let's go out. It  (not/rain) now.
2. Julia is very good at languages. She  (speak) four languages very well.
3. Hurry up! Everybody --- (wait) for you. –
4. '--- (you/listen) to the radio?' 'No, you can turn it off.' –
5. '--- (you/listen) to the radio every day?' 'No, just occasionally.' –
6. The River Nile --- (flow) into the Mediterranean. -
7. Look at the river. It --- (flow) very fast today - much faster than usual. –
8. We usually --- (grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we --- (not/grow) any.

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