martes, 20 de enero de 2015

activities about present simplre, present continous and past simple II


- What is that noise? Somebody  (play) the piano.
- We  (go) to the cinema this Friday.
- We  (go) on holiday every Winter.
- The days  (be) longer in summer.
- She often  (talk) to herself.
- She  (have) a shower at the moment.
- Right now, she  (run) down the hill.
- Oak trees  (grow) very slowly.
- My dog  (not eat) vegetables.not like
- My brother  (not like) animals.
- Most people  (not like) to visit a doctor.
- In his job he usually  (stand).
- I’m looking at the woman, she  (wear) a nice hat.
- I never  (go) out in the evening.
- He usually  (work) with paints and brushes.
- Do you know anyone who  (speak) Italian?
- At work, he usually  (sit) all day.
- Where is Kate? She  (watch) TV in the living room.
 (you/go) to the party next Saturday?
 you ever  (you / ever / work) at the weekend?
- Why  you  (you drive) so fast today?
- The water  (boil) now. Shall I switch it off?
- The duck  (smell) delicious. Shall I take it out of the oven?
- Sometimes, Tom  (do) his homwork after lunch.


The phone  (ring). Can you answer it?

Where  (you / come) from?

Why  (she/cry)? Because she hurt herself.

What  (you/do)? I’m a teacher. (Recuerdo que la pregunta significa "¿A qué te dedicas?)

What  (she/ wear)? A bikini and sunglasses.

Where is he? He  (do) his homework.

How many hours  (they / work) a week?

How often  (you / have) a bath?

What time  (this programme / end)?

 (you / know) the answer? (Recuerda escribir la primerla letra de frase en mayúscula)

 (you / remember) his name? (Recuerda escribir la primerla letra de frase en mayúscula)

 (she / like) what she is eating? (Recuerda escribir la primerla letra de frase en mayúscula)

complete with past simplre
 to the cinema?
2)I  to the cinema.
3)She  TV.
4) like his house.
5) in the party?
6)He  his watch.
7) to Paris?
8) her boyfriend?
9)We  the news.
10) a beer?

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