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activities about there is / there are/ some/ any/ a / an

1. ............ a lamp in the
 There is       There are
 Is there       Are there
9. ........... a man in the
 Is there      Are there
 There is     There are
17.   .............. many
glasses here.
 There are    Is there
 There is      Are there
25. ................ two
tables in the room?
 Is there      Are there
 There is     There are
2. Susan, .............. a
chair in the garden?
 there is       is there
 there are     are there
10. “Is there much tea
in the cup?” “No, there .......... 
 isn’t            is 
aren’t          are 
18.   ..... many
boys and girls in the park.
 Is  there         There are
 There is         Are there
26. “Are there many
animals in the house?” “No, 
.............only one”
 there isn’t   there are
 there is       aren’t
3. “Are there many
windows in the house?” 
“Yes, .......... many.”
 there are     there is
 is there       are there 
11.  .......... two
little trees in the garden.
 Are there      There is
 There are     Is there
19.  ......... a little girl
outside our house?
 There is      Are there
 Is there       There are
27. “Is there a chair
here?” “No, ............. “
 there aren’tthere is 
 there are      there isn’t
4. “Is there a dog in the
house?” “No, ......... .”
 there isn’t   is there
 there is       there are 
12.  ......... a nice door in
this house.
Are there         There are
 Is there           There is
20.  In London ...........a
lot of museums.
 there is       there are
 is there      are there
28. “Is there much
water?” “No, .............”
 there is      there isn’t
there are    there aren’t
5. ........... many
glasses on the table.
 There is       Is there
 Are there     There are
13.  .......... many
windows in the house?
 Are there    Is there
There is           There are
21. ........ many lamps
on the wall?
 There are    There is
 Is there      Are there
29. .............. many trees
in this park?
 Are there    There is 
 Is there      There are
6. In the garden ..........
three big trees.
 there are     there is
 are there     is there
14.  ........... a little girl
in the room?
 There are       There is
 Are there    Is there
22. “Is there a dog
here?” “No, ................”
 there isn´t  there is
 there are     there aren’t
30. “Are there many
people?” “No, ........... only 
one person”
 there is       there are
 there isn’t   are there
7. Carol, ....... much
coffee in the cup?
 are there     is there
 there are     there is
15.  Mum, ......... water
in the glass?
 are there     there is
 is there       there are
23. “Are there Italians
in Spain?” “Yes, .........”
 there are     there is
 are there     is there
31.  In this glass............
some milk.
 there  isn’t  there aren’t
 there is          are
8. This morning ........
many children in the park.
 there is       are there
 is there       there are

16.  Susan, .... many
cups at home?
 there is          are there
 there are      is there
24. “Are there four rooms 
in the house?”  “No, ............ five”
 there are     there is
 are there    is there
32.  “Susan, are there many 
cups on the table?” “......two”
 There is     Are there 
 Is there       There are

A. Complete the sentences using "there is" or "there are".
1.  books on the table.
2.  many cars in the street.
3.  a picture on the wall.
4.  a pencil near the book.
5.  many trees in the forest.
6.  a cat under the table.
7.  seven apples in the fridge.
8.  a dog in the house.
9.  a monkey on the tree.
10.  many rooms in my house.
B. Complete the sentences using "Is there" or "Are there".
1.  an opera in our city?
2.  many girls in your class?
3.  a police-station near the hospital?
4.  any bananas in the basket?
5.  trees in the park?
C. Complete the sentences using "there isn't" or "there aren't".
1.  many peaople in the streets.
2.  any butter in te fridge.
3.  any plates on the table.
4.  any milk in the bottle.
5.  any coffee in the cup.
D. Complete the sentences using "there is" / "there are" / "is there" / "are there" / "there isn't" / "there aren't".
1.  someone looking at me.
2.  many boys in the school?
3.  some photos in her bag.
4.  any eggs in the fridge.
5.  any magazine in her room.
6.  any soccer stadium here?
E. Read the sentences and answer the questions.
 a>In Rita's kitchen there are twelve cupboards, five  plates, six spoons and two cups of tea.
b> In Kim's room there are two dolls, a glass of milk, three magazines, five shirts and four skirts.
ex. Are there any magazines in Kim's room? -> Yes, there are three magazines.
1. Are there any shirts in Kim's room? -> Yes,  shirts in Kim's room.
2. Are there any cupboards in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  cupboards in Rita's kitchen.
3. Is there a glass of water in Kim's room? -> No, .
4. Are there any skirts in Kim's room? -> Yes,  skirts in Kim's room.
5. Are there any plates in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  plates in Rita's kitchen.
6. Are there any forks in Rita's kitchen? -> No,  any forks in Rita's kitchen.
7.Are there any dolls in Kim's room? -> Yes,  dolls in Kim's room.
8. Are there any cups of tea in Rita's kitchen? -> Yes,  cups of tea on Rita's kitchen.
9. Is there a TV in Kim's room? -> No,  one in Kim's room..
10. Is there a glass of milk in Kim's room? -> Yes,  a glass of milk in Kim's room.

3.complete the sentences use there is and there are
1)  a pencil on the kitchen table?
2)  pullovers in the suitcase?
3)  a football match on Saturday?
4)  pets on the farm?
5)  computers in your room?
6)  a museum in your hometown?
7)  many trees in that park over there?
8)  a blue car in the garage?
9)  geocaches in this forest?
10)  29 days in February this year?

1. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences:
a) There aren't  bananas left.
b) Oh! I've lost  earring!
c) I'll have  hamburguer, please.
d) There are  leaves on the ground.
e) There aren't  children playing in the park today.
f) I haven't got  camcorder, but I'd like to buy one.
g) Would you like  yogurt?
2. Complete the sentences with A/AN, SOME or ANY:
a) There aren't  apples on the table, but there are  in the fridge.
b) Can I have  sandwich, please?
c) There aren't  children in the library right now.
d) Is there  new boy in your class?
e) I think there aren't  bottles of milk.
f) There are  students in the library right now.
g) Jane swears she has seen  elephant in the street!
h) Can I have  milk, please?
i) I'm afraid there aren't  sweets left.
j) I think there are  new books in the library.
3. Change the following sentences into the negative (use short forms):
a) There's a red notebook on the table.
b) There are some sandwiches in my bag.
c) They have got an enormous elephant in the circus.
d) There's an apple on the table.
e) We have got some friends from Poland.
f) There are some old buildings in that part of the city.
g) There's some milk in the fridge.
4. Change the following sentences into the interrogative.
a) You have got a red car.
b) There are some new students in our classroom.
c) There's some sugar in the cupboard.
d) There's an avocado in the salad.
e) There are some old books for sale in the library.
f) Terry has got a new maths teacher.
g) Jane has got some new friends.

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