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repaso del verbo have got

algunos ejercicios del presente continuo

repaso del presente continuo

Mas actividades del presente continuo
presente continuo

There is or There are ?
Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with 'is' or 'are':  
1) The Bedroom
a) There  some balloons painted on the wall.. 
b) There  a teddy bear on the bed.
c) There  a wardrobe next to the bed.
d) There  curtains on the window.
2) The Living Room
a) There  two cushions on the sofa.
b) There  some books on the table.
c) There  a painting on the wall.
d) There  a lamp on the table.
3) The Kitchen
a) There  a garbage can in the kitchen.
b) There  a refrigerator.
c) There  some dishes in the sink.

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