martes, 20 de enero de 2015

past simple and remember present simple and continous

Completa colocando el verbo entre paréntesis en Simple Present o Simple Past.
1. Everyday I (go)  to school.
 2. Last year we (visit)  our grandchildren.
3. Jane often (cook)  a meal for her husband.
4. Yesterday, she (have)  lunch with her sister.
5. Last week, Rob (buy)  a new car.
6. I (send)  three letters yesterday.
7. We (invite)  our family for dinner last night.
8. We always (invite)  our family for dinner on Sundays.
9. Jane usually (take)  the bus.
10. Yesterday, Jane (take)  the train

Escribe la forma correcta del verbo entre presente simple, presente continuo o pasado simple.
1 We ____ to Sheffield tomorrow.

2 We ____ there most weekends.

3 We ____ there last weekend.

4 'Where are my keys?' 'Sorry, but I ____.'

5 I ____ football last Saturday.

6 'What is she doing?' 'She ____ for her shoes.

7 We ____ a great film last night.

8 She ____ in 1980.

9 Her parents ____ to London next summer.

10 John ____ next weekend.

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