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going to exercises

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I). Use going to.
  1. It (rain) .
  2. They (eat)  stew.
  3. (wear)  blue shoes tonight.
  4. We (not / help)  you.
  5. Jack (not / walk)  home.
  6. (cook / you)  dinner?
  7. Sue (share / not)  her biscuits.
  8. (leave / they)  the house?
  9. (take part / she)  in the contest?
  10. (not / spend)  my holiday abroad this year.
  1. He  his friend. (to phone)
  2. We  a new computer game. (to play)
  3. My sister  TV. (to watch)
  4. You  a picnic next Tuesday. (to have)
  5. Jane  to the office. (to go)
  6. They  to the bus stop this afternoon. (to walk)
  7. His brother  a letter to his uncle today. (to write)
  8. She  her aunt. (to visit)
  9.  my homework after school. (to do)
  10. Sophie and Nick  their friends. (to meet)
  11. Escribe los verbos siguientes en future I (going to).
    1. Mr Potts (sell)  his house.
    2. Our neighbours (spend)  their next holidays in the Caribbean.
    3. (move)  to another town.
    4. My husband (build)  a tree house for the kids.
    5. His friends (learn)  English.
    Escribe los verbos en future I (going to).
    1. (tell/not)  you the secret.
    2. She (ring/not)  me.
    3. We (invite/not)  him to our party.
    4. Greg (work/not)  abroad.
    5. Her parents (lend/not)  her any more money.
    Redacta preguntas en future I (going to).
    1. (you/help/me) ?
    2. (she/study/in Glasgow) ?
    3. (they/paint/the room) ?
    4. (he/apply/for that job) ?
    5. (what/you/do)  about this?

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