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activities for your exam

Put in have got or has got into the gaps.
Principio del formulario
1.     a nice room.

2.    She  a cat.

3.    Jack  a pet.

4.    The sisters  great teachers.

5.    He  an old bike.

6.    They  a goldfish.

7.    Emma  lots of friends.

8.    We  a problem.

9.    Joe and Philip  a sister.

10. The family  two cars.

1.    I like  (read) comics.
2. I like 
 (put) some milk in my tea.
3. I like 
 (keep) my desk tidy.
4. I like 
 (do) the shopping early on Saturday morning.
5. I like 
 (listen) to classical music.
6. I like 
 (work) in a team.
7. I like 
 (do) the washing up before going to bed.
8. I like 
 (go) to the beach in the summer.
9. I like 
 (play) computer games.
10. I like  (have) my eyes checked regularly.

Ordena las palabras para formar frases correctas.
Principio del formulario
1. to Australia do visit like you?
2. do you  driving like?
3. he likes working to abroad.
4. like singer I become to.
5. what free you do time like doing in your?
6. does like cooking she?
7. we flying like don't.
8. up  like tidying you do your room?
9. jazz I like music listening to.

Answer the question from last activities

Complete the sentences using "there is" or "there are".
1.  books on the table.
2.  many cars in the street.
3.  a picture on the wall.
4.  a pencil near the book.
5.  many trees in the forest.
6.  a cat under the table.
7.  seven apples in the fridge.
8.  a dog in the house.
9.  a monkey on the tree.
10.  many rooms in my house.

B. Complete the sentences using "Is there" or "Are there".
1.  an opera in our city?
2.  many girls in your class?
3.  a police-station near the hospital?
4.  any bananas in the basket?
5.  trees in the park?
C. Complete the sentences using "there isn't" or "there aren't".
1.  many peaople in the streets.
2.  any butter in te fridge.
3.  any plates on the table.
4.  any milk in the bottle.

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