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more about present simple and continous

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use the simple
present or the present continuous tense. (_____ /21 marks)

1 My brother __________________________ (like) this CD very much.

2 He __________________________ (travel) in China this summer.

3 We __________________________ (go) to lunch now. Would you like to join us?

4 We always __________________________ (visit) Grandma on Sundays.

5 In this photo, we __________________________ (play) volleyball on the beach.

6 I __________________________ (play) tennis every day.

7 My father can’t come to the phone now. He __________________________ (take) a shower.

8 My father __________________________ (work) as an accountant in a big company.

9 I think this pen __________________________ (cost) HK$8.

10 I can’t play online games now. My brother __________________________ (use) the computer
to do his homework.

11 A: ______________ you ___________________ (do) your homework now?

B: Yes, I __________________________.

12 This photo was taken when I was three. My father __________________________ (carry) me
on his shoulders.

13 People ______________ always ___________________ (buy) new mobile phones.

14 Can you see Anna? She __________________________ (stand) at the bus stop.

15 ______________ you still ___________________ (watch) TV?

16 A: ______________ they _________________ (go) to Ocean Park on Sunday?

B: No, they __________________________.

17 She often __________________________ (miss) class because of illness.

18 A: ______________ you _________________ (like) Kelly Chan’s songs?

B: Yes, I ______________, but my brother _________________.

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