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Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the simple present or
present continuous tense. You can use some of the verbs from the box more than
once. (_____ /21 marks)
buy      stand
carry     take
cost     travel
do        use
go       visit
like    watch
miss   work

1 My brother __________________________ this CD very much.

2 He __________________________ in China this summer.

3 We __________________________ to lunch now. Would you like to
join us?

4 We always __________________________ Grandma on Sundays.

5 In this photo, we __________________________ volleyball on the beach.

6 I __________________________ tennis every day.

7 My father can’t come to the phone now. He __________________________ a shower.

8 My father __________________________ as an accountant in a big company.

9 I think this pen __________________________ HK$8.

10 I can’t play online games now. My brother __________________________ the computer to do
his homework.

11 A: ______________ you ___________________ your homework now?

B: Yes, I __________________________.

12 This photo was taken when I was three. My father __________________________ me on his

13 People ______________ always ___________________ new mobile phones.

14 Can you see Anna? She __________________________ at the bus stop.

15 ______________ you still ___________________ TV?

16 A: ______________ they _________________ to Ocean Park on Sunday?

B: No, they __________________________.

17 She often __________________________ class because of illness.

18 A: ______________ you _________________ Kelly Chan’s songs?

B: Yes, I ______________, but my brother _________________.

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