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answer filecards.

 1. leaves | 2. are you crying | 3. are not watching (= aren't watching) | 4. does not speak (= doesn't speak) | 5. Am doing | 6. do they live | 7. is playing | 8. Go 9. gives | 10. travels | 11. is staying (= he's staying) | 12. is having | 13. is drinking | 14. is reading | 15. plays | 16. practises | 17. doesn't go | 18. gets up | 19. gets | 20. is wearing

 1. I always play tennis on Fridays.
2. He is finishing his report. He will bring it into the office when it is complete.
 3. "My parents phoned me this morning. They are enjoying themselves in the Seychelles. Champagne every night! In fact, they don't want to leave."
 4. We prefer to entertain our guests in a local restaurant rather than the canteen. Although it is expensive, we can talk freely there.
 5. I know the answer to your problem. Get a new computer.
 6. "Where is John?" "In his office waiting for an important telephone call."
 7. I can't make the meeting tomorrow. I am interviewing the applicants for the sales manager's job.
 8. My brother works for Shink Inc. which makes bathroom fittings.
9. Who is talking to Bill? Is it the new secretary?
10. The new contract seems fine to me. However, could you just check it through once more?

 1. Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I ________ she comes from France.
 A. believe
 B. ? am believing
 2. Look! Junko ________ into the water.
A. ? jumps
B. is jumping
 3. I ________ you're crazy!
 A. think
 B. ? am thinking
 4. Don't give Jan any cheese. She ________ it!
 A. hates
 B. ? is hating
 5. I ________ to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?
 A. ? go
 B. am going
 6. Once a week, I ________ to an art class at the college.
 A. go
 B. ? am going
 7. I ________ lunch in the cafeteria every day.
 A. have 
B. ? am having
 8. Salman is rich — he ________ a Mercedes.
 A. drives 
B. ? is driving
9. You won't find Jerry at home right now. He ________ in the library.
 A. ? studies
 B. is studying
 10. It ________ quite hard — perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.
 A. ? snows
 B. is snowing

Next week, my friends and I are going (go) camping in the woods. I am organizing (organize) the food, because I like (like) cooking. Dave has (have) a big car with a trailer, so he is planning (plan) the transportation. Sam is bringing(bring) the tent — he goes (go) camping every year, so he has (have) a great tent and lots of other equipment. My wife thinks (think) we're crazy. She likes (like) holidays in comfortable hotels, so she is taking (take) a trip to Paris instead.

 1 she’s spending 2 go 3 We’re having 4 she’s having 5 have 6 fly/go 7 I’m sitting 8 brings

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